March Newsletter

Created on Monday, 05 March 2007 20:18
My Dear Teammates,

I don’t know if there is anything to the old adage that says if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. It certainly came in like a lion with wind, rain, ice and some snow. However, I have seen some flowers blooming and I feel spring is in the air.

Our new Field Director, Marv Boettcher and his wife Judy, felt it was time to head for the reservations, so they left the mission at midnight, February 8. Thankful that they were armed with winter coats and tire chains, it snowed most of the way to their first stop at Wolf Point, MT. They had a good visit with Pastor Kenny and Sandy Azure and then visited our Indian brother, Alex Caulder, who was in the hospital with a severe infection in his leg. God performed a miracle and Alex was in church the next morning! They stayed with Alex and Brenda while Marv worked on Kenny’s pickup and visited many of the Indian people.

Highway 13 from Wolf Point was closed due to icy conditions, but they were able to leave at mid-morning on the 17th and arrived in Crow Agency, MT in the evening. They took Pastor Ken and Hannah Pretty On Top to dinner at the Purple Cow Restaurant in Hardin,MT. They were overnight guests at Ken and Hannah’s home and were visited by Jeff Dieter from Northwest Indian Bible School who was on his way to work in Denver. They all attended Kenny’s Spiritual Life church where he had Elder Joe Bear Cloud preach. There were 20 February birthdays celebrated with three large cakes after church.

They left Crow Agency after church and due to a white-out blizzard, they had to spend the night in Bozeman, MT. They talked to Lee and Margie Raith, Pastor’s of the Ravalli Community Church who also minister to the youth on the Flat Head Reservation. Then on the 20th, they arrived in Lewiston, Idaho at Bill and Dorothy Edward’s home. Bill and Dorothy graciously hosted the Boettchers for the next two days while they visited three different ministries on the Nez Perce Reservation in Kamiah and Lapwai, planning our outreaches for the summer. They also had a planning session with Volkhard and Marianna Graf, Lay Pastors of the Kamiah First Indian Presbyterian Church. They are impressive people and are excited about working with Frontier Missions in Kamiah. Later in the evening, they had a good visit with Tony Smith, who is a Native Pastor of the NAME Church in Lapwai. They also had good fellowship with Pastor Jim and Janet Blewett, who pastor the Lapwai Assembly of God.

Fourteen days and 3000 miles later, tired but blessed, they arrive at their home in Dallas,Oregon. Pray for Marv and Judy as they fulfill this very important calling.

God bless you, Teammate. Please continue to give and pray. We depend on you!

Darrell E. Kennedy, President/CEO