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Low Prices

Community Store
Pacific NW Outreach, Inc.

Pacific NW Outreach, Inc. operates a community store that serves the greater Portland and Vancouver area. It is conveniently located on SE Stark Street at 202nd in Gresham and is next door to a landmark business, Rick’s Custom Fence and Decking. The store is open every day from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM for your shopping convenience.

The store is very popular and we often hear customers comment on how much they enjoy and benefit from the store, the selection of goods and the “low prices.” We regularly offer groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen products, milk, eggs, butter and specialty items like chocolate, chewing gum and fruit juices. Additionally, the store sells, area rugs, household products like pots and pans, pocket knives, clothing, furniture, paint and miscellaneous items.

Because the store is so conveniently located and is open every day until 7:00 PM, our customers become friends and supporters of the Pacific NW Outreach, Inc. mission. They know that shopping in the store helps us accomplish our work of helping Native Americans, both physically and spiritually.

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