Pacific NW Outreach Finances

Our mission is not sponsored or supported by any single denomination, church or government agency. It is funded by people like you who love God and are willing to help so that Native Americans may hear the Good News of God's love and forgiveness and receive physical help to relieve hunger and pain.

The expenses to operate "the big rigs" and carry groceries, clothes, appliances, tools and vehicles to the farthest reaches of the western United States are great. Your donations will help us meet these expenses. You may give through the mail, personally at our offices, or through our website using the "Donations Link Here" and on the Right menu.

You may also want to donate vehicles, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, clothing, household goods, furniture, musical instruments, Bibles or Christian literature. Many of these items are taken directly to the reservations and Native American pastors distribute them to their tribes. In addition, we provide opportunities for people to remember Pacific NW Outreach in their wills. If you would like help in planning your estate giving please contact our office at: (503) 492-0904