Our Goals and Objectives

From the beginning, Pacific NW Outreach has been a ministry dedicated to helping Native Americans. The greatest help of all comes with the good news of love and forgiveness. It's the Good News that there is a God in Heaven who loves them so much that He gave His Son to forgive them from every wrong. And, when they believe in Him as their Savior they will not perish but will have eternal life! Through friendship and care we are able to tell the message, not only on the "back side" of the reservation, but in the local chapels established by Native American pastors. Pacific NW Outreach is committed to encouraging and enabling these pastors and helping in every way possible to train and equip them for ministry and service. By doing this, Native Americans realize that becoming a Christ-follower does not mean becoming a white man.

Additionally, we collect and distribute food, clothing, vehicles, furniture and various household items. These have proven to be very effective in meeting the needs of minority people who have historically experienced great difficulty in adjusting to a different culture and society. Our eighteen-wheelers, the "big rigs", play a vital role in the transportation and distribution of these commodities.

Since there is no denominational affiliation or support for Pacific NW Outreach, the ministry is solely dependent upon donations of funds, food, clothing and vehicles to enable us to do the ministry and help Native Americans.